A weekend of political thought and discussion

Friday to Sunday

7-9 September 2018

The Ireland Institute

27 Pearse Street

Dublin 2

Friday 7th September at 7:30 pm

IREXIT, is it a Realistic Possibility?

Dr Ray Bassett - Dr Ray Bassett, former Irish Ambassador to Canada, an active participant in the Northern peace process, author of studies on Brexit and Ireland for the “Politiea” and “Policy Exchange” think-tanks in Britain, and critic of Irish Government policy on Brexit.


Thomas Pringle - Independent TD for Donegal South-West and plaintiff in the 2012 Pringle case before the Irish Supreme Court and the EU Court of Justice against the European Stability Mechanism Treaty.
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Saturday 8th September at 11.00 am

1918: A Decisive Year for the Modern World

Dr Ruán O’Donnell - Historian, University of Limerick, author of “‘Robert Emmet and the Rebellion of 1798”, “Robert Emmet and the Rising of 1803” (Irish Academic Press) and “Patrick Pearse” in the “16 Lives” series of which he was co-series and commissioning editor for the O’Brien Press..


Eamon O Cuív TD - Fianna Fail Dáil representative for Galway West.
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Saturday 8th September at 2.30 pm

1918: A Decisive Year for Modern Ireland

Liz Gillis - Historian, researcher and curatorial assistant, author of “Women in the Irish Revolution”, “Revolution in Dublin”, “The Fall of Dublin”, “The Hales Brothers and the Irish Revolution” (Mercier Press). She is co-organiser of the conference on the burning of the Custom House and is author of “May 25: Burning of the Custom House 1921”.
Donal Fallon - Historian and regular contributor to the Irish media on Dublin history, society and popular culture. He is one of the founders of the award-winning blog on Dublin life and culture, “Come Here To Me”. A selection from its archive has recently been published by New Island Books.


John Maguire - Emeritus Professor of Sociology, UCC, author of “Defending Peace: Ireland’s Role in a Changing Europe” (Cork UP 2002).
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Sunday 9th September at 11.00 am

The Connolly Association 1938-2018

The oldest political organisation of the Irish in Britain and its role in relation to the 1960s Northern Civil Rights Movement
Anthony Coughlan - .
80 years of political solidarity with the Irish cause in Britain
Mick Carty - General Secretary of the Connollly Association.


Tony Donaghy - President of the Connolly Association and former president of Britain’s Rail, Marine and Transport Union (RMT).
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Sunday 9th September at 2.30 pm

The Left and the European Union

Mick O’Reilly - former Regional Secretary, UNITE Trade Union.
Eoin O Broin - Sinn Fein TD for Dublin Mid-West, author of “Sinn Fein and the Politics of Left Republicanism” (Pluto Press 2009).
Eugene McCartan - General Secretary, Communist Party of Ireland.
Gerry Carroll MLA - People Before Profit representative for Belfast West in the Northern Ireland Assembly.


Catherine Connolly - Independent TD for Galway West, former Mayor of Galway.
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