25 years of the Greaves School

100th anniversary of the 1913 Dublin Lockout

100th anniversary of the birth of Desmond Greaves

Labour in Ireland - Past and Present


Friday to Sunday, 13-15 September 2013


The Ireland Institute, 27 Pearse Street, Dublin 2

Friday 13th September at 7:30 pm

C.D. Greaves - his life and works on the 25th anniversary of his death

Anthony Coughlan - Desmond Greaves's Literary Executor.
A political evaluation
Priscilla Metscher - Historian, University of Oldenburg, Germany.
Desmond Greave’s book "The Life and Times of James Connolly" and its significance for Connolly research and the labour movement


Kevin McCorry - People’s Movement and Former Organiser, Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association.
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Saturday 14th September at 11.00 am

Labour and the national question since 1913

Joe Jamieson - Trade Unionist, New York.
James Connolly's Long-Term Legacy in America and Why It Matters
Ruan O’Donnell - Historian, University of Limerick.
Labour and the Irish Revolution


John Douglas - Gen Sec MANDATE trade union and President ICTU.
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Saturday 14th September at 2.30 pm

Challenges to Irish trade unionism 100 years after the Lockout

Brian Campfield - Gen Sec, NIPSA and Exec Committee, ICTU.
Strategies and solutions – trade unions in a time of crisis
Michael Taft - Research Officer, UNITE.
Social partnership, the Croke Park Agreements etc and their effects on union effectiveness
Esther Lynch - Legal and Social Affairs Officer, ICTU.
Trade unions and the EU – the demise of Social Europe


Mick O’Reilly - President Dublin Council of Trade Unions.
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Sunday 15th September at 11.00 am

Women and the labour movement since 1913

Therese Moriarty - Labour Historian.
The historical experience - particularly around the Revolutionary period
Louise O’Reilly - SIPTU Sector Organiser.
The EU and working women
Fionnula Ui Brógáin - Trade Union Organiser, CWU.
Organising women in the new economic climate


Catriona Crowe - Archivist, The National Archives of Ireland.
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Sunday 15th September at 2.30 pm

The collapse of the Left in the capitalist economic crisis

John Boyd - Secretary of the Campaign against Euro–federalism (CAEF), Britain.
Horst Teubert - German Foreign Policy Analyst.
Eoin O’Murchú - Former Political Editor Raidió na Gaeltachta.


Professor Thomas Metscher - University of Bremen, Germany.
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