A weekend of political thought and discussion


Friday to Sunday, 14-16 September 2012


The Ireland Institute, 27 Pearse Street, Dublin 2

Friday 14 September at 7:30 pm

The relevance of Republicanism after 90 years of the Irish State

Mary Murphy, Lecturer in Irish Politics and Society, NUI Maynooth; co-author of Towards the Second Republic: Irish politics after the Celtic Tiger.
Micheál MacAonghusa, Freelance journalist and commentator.


Tommy McKearney, Organiser, Independent Workers’ Union; journalist, Fourthwrite magazine. Back to Top

Saturday 15 September at 11.00 am

National sovereignty and interdependence

Andy Storey, Lecturer, School of Politics and International Relations, UCD; chairperson of Afri.
Sheila Killian, Head of Department and Senior Lecturer, Accounting and Finance, University of Limerick.
Mick O’Reilly, President, Dublin Council of Trade Unions; former Regional Secretary of Unite.


Patricia McKenna, political activist, People’s Movement; former MEP. Back to Top

Saturday 15 September at 2.30 pm

Towards genuine political democracy

Frank Connolly, Head of Communications, SIPTU; former executive director, The Centre for Public Inquiry.
Bernadette McAliskey, Northern civil rights activist and MP for Mid-Ulster 1969-74; currently coordinator of the South Tyrone Empowerment Programme.
Catherine Murphy TD, Independent Dáil Deputy for Kildare North.


Maureen O’Sullivan TD, Independent Dáil Deputy for Dublin Central. Back to Top

Sunday 16 September at 11.00 am

An economy for the common good

Terence McDonough, Professor of Economics, NUI Galway.
Mary Lou McDonald TD, Vice-President of Sinn Fein and Dáil Deputy for Dublin Central.
Eugene McCartan, General Secretary, Communist Party of Ireland.


Esther Lynch, Legal and Social Affairs Officer, ICTU. Back to Top

Sunday 16 September at 2.30 pm

National independence – what does it mean today?

Nessa Ní Chasaide, Coordinator, Debt and Development Coalition, Ireland.
Conor McCarthy, Lecturer in English, NUI Maynooth, author of Modernisation, Crisis and Culture in Ireland 1969-1992.
Desmond Fennell, writer and cultural philosopher; author of The State of the Nation, The revision of European history, Ireland after the end of Western civilization etc.


Owen Bennett, writer and political analyst. Back to Top
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